Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Lockhart Post-Register Has a Website?

I grew up in Lockhart, Texas. We had a newspaper, which I imagine is a lot like most small-town newspapers. It was delivered once a week, consisted of about 10 small news sheet pages, and thrilled readers with stories about intersection lights in Lockhart going out and the goings on of the local Chamber of Commerce.

I was Googling around today and came across the Post-Register's website, and holy shit, the thing looks professional! That top banner is a monstrosity, but even it is well-designed, graphically-speaking. This site looks about 100 times better than the newspaper ever did. I'm impressed.

And the copyright notice at the bottom says 1999-2008, so they've been up and running for 9 years and nobody told me.

So now you can read thrilling small-town news in vivid color on a well-designed website. As I write this, the lead story is about the "controversial" decision to rename Lockhart High School.

Go check it out!

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Emily said...

Yep, I found that website years ago, and was equally awed. It really doesn't look bad at all.