Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back With Firefox

After a couple of days of using the new Google Chrome, I've switched back to Firefox. Why? Well, I was willing to orient myself to a new interface. Chrome was fairly slick and intuitive.

What ultimately made me switch back were performance issues. Maybe I'm in the minority of users, but Chrome was generally slower for me than Firefox, and I had particular issues with watching embedded video.

Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty good site to give a new browser a workout. Ever since they overhauled it for the worse, it's chock full of elements and ads that hog resources and take forever to load. But I still go there because as far as I know there's not another site with content like it. Firefox loads RT faster for me than Chrome. Quite a bit faster.

Also, I don't have cable at home. Sometimes I like to watch movies or TV shows through the new Hulu site. Their selection is pretty good, and growing rapidly. I can watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report the next day. And the interface and quality is quite good. Firefox has no problems. Not so for Chrome, which screws up when switching back and forth between full screen and normal watching mode.

I also like to have multiple tabs and windows open at a time, and Chrome would hang for me when switching between them, while Firefox does not.

It's a beta product, so I'm willing to cut them a little slack, but obviously when it's impacting my browsing habits, I'm not going to switch permanently to it. Maybe I'll have a look at it again when it's a mature release. Until then, I'm sticking with good ol' Firefox.

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