Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I haven't felt much like blogging in the past couple of weeks. For one, I've been pretty busy. But sometimes you just get a little burned out blabbing every day (or at least, most people do). In the meantime, my sister had a baby, Daniel, so I'm now an uncle all over again, which is cool.

And of course today is the inauguration of our new President.

I first heard about Obama when he gave his speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004. I just read excerpts, but I wasn't a fan of the Democratic Party, or John Kerry, and the cynic in me thought that this was just an instance of throwing a politically-correct bone to a rising star in the party. I thought he was just a flash in the pan.

But that was before I actually knew much about him or listened to him talk. The more I did that, the more impressed I was. There actually does seem to be a core of substance to him, although that's difficult to assess solely on the basis of rhetoric. Now that he's taking office, his actions will truly tell what kind of leader he is. Things are not going great in our country right now, so here's hoping for all our sakes that he lives up, at least in some measure, to the hype.

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Rob said...

The spectacle of the entire inauguration build-up made the actual day seem anti-climatic. The expectations are so high he will have a hard time living up to them.

As someone from the "other side" I have the same attitude that I have had in similar situations in the past: he is OUR president and our nation needs his success. More importantly, our future will be determined by the actions of his administration.