Friday, May 22, 2009

PetBook Preview

My newest app is just about ready for release. I'm just going to do a bit more testing and then release it Sunday evening. It's called PetBook, and it's an app for storing information and pictures associated with your pets. Here are a couple of screen shots:

You can store as many pets as you like, and for each pet, you can create a picture gallery from images taken with your phone's camera or downloaded from email or such sites as Flickr. The veterinary page let's you store contact information for the pet's vet, and includes a call button to phone the vet if a valid number has been stored. The vet page also includes editable lists for any medications the pet might be taking, along with dosages, and vaccines and their associated dates. The groomer page includes a groomer profile and one-touch calling, along with an editable appointment list.

There's a Notes feature for jotting down any miscellaneous information associated with the pet, and a feature to email all of a pet's profile information.

I debated spending more time to develop a weight tracker, but decided to just release it as is and add that feature in a future update. I'm planning on selling it at $2.99. My dog whistle app has sold steadily, and I think there's a good market for pet-related apps, but we'll see.


Rob said...

I think you are on to something! People will buy anything associated with their pets. I think this will be a big seller.

Laurie said...


But I'm just a bit biased...