Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformers 2 FAQ

I haven't seen Transformers 2, and most likely won't. I enjoyed this FAQ of the film probably far more than I would enjoy watching the movie. I liked this bonus question in particular:
So it's not as bad as shitting your pants?
Marginally. I honestly had to make a pro and con list to figure it out.


Jim said...

Perhaps a URL to this FAQ? Your one snippet has me interested in reading the entire original. :)

Derek James said...

Ah, sorry about that...updated.

Anonymous said...

It's a loud, silly ride through one-liners and eye candy. It's made for tween boys, and maybe teen boys if they come in stoned stupid. If you completely check your brain at the door, there are entertaining moments. Megan Fox bent over a motorcycle. The Gremlins homage in the home attack. Bumblebee's puppy dog expressions. The Beef getting the snot knocked out of him.

Reading the FAQ after is even more fun than reading it without seeing the movie, I'm willing to bet. There's just enough lingering resentment from having seen it to really fuel a bitter laugh.

There are a few gems the FAQ fails to unearth (such as the horrible military checkpoint scene, complete with midget jokes) and a factual error (the conspiracy website is run by Sam's roommate, and not secret agent man). But otherwise, it's spot on.

Philip said...

From the FAQ comments:

"As far as I know, this is the first time a movie has attempted to teabag an audience."