Monday, August 24, 2009

Attack of the Nutria...Plus, a Rainbow

Laurie and I were out for a walk in a local park here in Lafayette this evening, and we brought some bread to feed the ducks. I'd seen nutria at this park before, but they'd never approached very close. They must be hungry, because we had a whole pack of them come up and beg for bread along with the ducks.

In case you don't know what a nutria is, here's the Wikipedia entry. They're basically big rats that live in the water.

So, I snapped a few actions shots with my G1. Enjoy.

Oh, and I found this picture on my phone that I'd forgotten about, when we had a rainbow a while back. Actually, there was a double rainbow, but it didn't show up in this pic:


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Rob said...

Did you ever see the ones at Aquarena Springs? They hung out around the golf course and truly discouraged hunting for your ball!

Emily said...

They had those in the river at Southwest Texas State too. I think they're kind of creepy.