Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grocery Paradoxes

The other day I was in a local Asian market here in Lafayette, and I came across this jar of seeds:

Are they really pumpkin seeds, and the picture is wrong? Or are they watermelon seeds, and the text is wrong? Or do they come from a strange land where watermelons are called "pumpkins"?

Dunno. I would have had to buy them to find out. They were copiously coated with some kind of red gunk. No thanks.

And then I noticed this in my local Albertson's:

The label for the aisle is "catsup":

But you know how many of the actual bottles of the stuff were named "catsup"? Absolutely zero.


Laurie said...

Let me tell you my all time favorite paradox:

Store gets in new product so it can make money off of product.

Customer wants to buy said product.

Store refuses to sell said product to customer because the product will not be "officially released" until a later point in time.

Store does not sell product and therefore does not make money off of product.


Kenny Wyland said...

Loosely related in a product label vein... I just got back from a vacation in the Yucatan. I had heard that the Coca Cola in Mexico used natural sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup so I checked the ingredients. Amusingly, it had two listed ingredients (Translated into English):

Carbonated Water, Concentrated Coca-Cola


GDad said...

Are there any other common food products that have such different spellings for the same word? I mean other than sub, hoagy, po-boy, grinder, etc.