Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Staged Muslim Discrimination at the Czech Stop

Here's a video clip from an ABC News report on discrimination against Muslims in America:

They say the majority of customers either supported or did nothing regarding the discrimination.

6 supported the discriminatory behavior
13 spoke out against the behavior
22 said and did nothing

I'm not sure how damning this is. First of all, it was staged at the Czech Stop in West, Texas, which is between Waco and Austin. I used to stop there all the time when I attended Baylor as an undergrad and would take trips home.

It's a gas station/bakery, and a lot of people just want to come in, pay for their gas, maybe buy a kolache, and get the hell out...not get embroiled in a fight for social justice.

I think the more telling figure is that over twice as many people complained as supported the behavior, and this is smack dab in the middle of Texas. The story could have spun the results a number of different ways, but I'm pretty damned encouraged by their little experiment.

Oh, and if you're ever driving along I-35 between Austin and Waco, you really should stop there. I recommend the Spicy Hot Chubbies. No, I'm not making that up.


Anonymous said...

um, to which culinary recommendation the blogger ought to add that googling brings up results that are NSFW

so if ya really want to eat one of those things, go head

Kenny Wyland said...

What a fantastic report! Thanks for sharing this. I'm obviously upset with those people who supported the behavior, but I'm really encouraged by the more than double that stood up against this behavior! :D It makes me happy.

Emily said...

I wonder if their business has been affected at all by the people who left and weren't caught by the reporter. Bad word of mouth is killer.

Rob said...

I was driving home from Dallas a couple of days ago and took a pit stop at this store. I bought some delicious colaches for my staff. There didn't seem to be a shortage of customers. I also didn't observe any overtly Muslim patrons being mistreated. I'm sure they do that out of public view now.