Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogging in Parallel

For nearly seven years I've been blogging at JournalScape. It's been a wonderful experience, but it feels a little restrictive for my needs, and I thought I would experiment with Blogger for a few weeks and see if I like it better.

If so, I may make the permanent jump. If not, I'll stick with my old digs.

I had a bit of a problem getting that banner up and running. Lots of errors in the Customize interface, and then even though I had checked the option to use the banner in place of the title, the title was still showing up. So go figure.

What I'll probably do is post in parallel for the next few weeks, and possibly post some of my favorite archive posts from my old blog, to see how things work out.


philip_tucker said...

Welcome to the machine, my friend.

Derek James said...

Eh, resistance was futile.