Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jindal Signs the "Louisiana Science Education Act"

Otherwise known as the educationally useless potential backdoor into the science classroom for creationists. And now it's the law of Louisiana.

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Wednesday signed a bill that will allow public-school teachers to supplement information from their science textbook with additional materials when addressing controversial topics.

Evolution, global warming, the origins of life and human cloning are named as some controversial topics in the language of the new law.

Jindal signed the bill —dubbed the "Louisiana Science Education Act" — into law despite cries from separation of church and state groups to veto the measure.

Proponents of the law have lauded the measure as another step for academic freedom, while critics claim that the law will allow a back door for creationism to enter the classroom.

As has been noted ad nauseum, evolution is as controversial as photosynthesis or the fact that living things are composed of cells.

I wait on pins and needles for the first instance of a teacher showing a high school student a video of a human riding on a dinosaur's back in the Garden of Eden, and then for the whooshing sound of the lawsuit being filed.

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