Tuesday, July 8, 2008


July is a busy month for me. I've got two conferences to attend.

The first is GECCO (The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference), in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm driving, which should take about 10 hours. Luckily I still have half of the Einstein biography I'm listening to on audiobook. I'm presenting a poster on work I blogged about briefly here, showing the differences in rates of new species appearing and old ones dying in environments where there is selection pressure vs. environments without selection pressure. I also looked at how complexity changes in both situations. I'm leaving on Saturday, but I should have wireless access and I plan to blog my conference diary, so stay tuned.

Then I have a week before I head to my next conference, The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, from July 23-26 in Washington, D.C. There I'll be presenting a poster on a framework for modeling the neocortex that incorporates aspects of function, evolution, and development, arguing that these are all tightly coupled and therefore modeling them together should yield new insights into cognition. Again, I plan to blog that conference, as I did last year:

CogSci 2007: Day One
CogSci 2007: Day Two
CogSci 2007: Day Three

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