Friday, July 4, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why America Kicks Ass

In honor of our nation's official birthday, I give you my...

Ten Reasons Why America Kicks Ass

1) We don't have a queen.

2) Our military-industrial complex can kick your military-industrial complex's ass.

3) We've won the most Nobel Prizes.

4) We can call our leaders douchebags and not get thrown in prison.

5) We don't have a national church (though we're dangerously close to having a national religion).

6) We can buy a .44 magnum if we want.

7) We have the world's largest economy.

8) Our movies gross more worldwide than anyone else's (even though most of them suck).

9) We've never been invaded.

10) We landed on the freakin' moon.


Anonymous said...

Not quite right on some of these.

7) We do not have the worlds largest economy. China does.

9) Yes, we have been invaded. War of 1812. The British took Washington and burned down the White House. I call that invaded. Maybe you mean never been defeated. Ahhh, but then there's Vietnam.

Oh well.

Derek James said...

I'll give you the War of 1812.

But what measure are you using to say China has the world's largest economy?

Our GDP is bigger:

So is our PPP:

VFXJoshGemmell said...

You were totally invaded by Europeans in the decades and centuries following 1492.