Thursday, December 4, 2008


I spent half the day today trying to get rid of a trojan my computer somehow got infected with, but dammit I scourged that thing from my hard drive.

It was ugly, too. It was actually a little program by the name of xtgoj6119471.exe that launched itself upon startup and generated a fake warning from Windows security alert in both my operating system and browser that my machine was infected with a trojan that captures my screen shots and keystrokes. The warnings come with links to a website that sells a fake security program called Perfect Defender 2009. So these shitbirds actually infect your computer with a program that makes you think it's infected with a completely different program, in order to scare you into buying a fake product. Nice, huh? If I ever met one of the assholes responsible for this, I'd break his kneecaps.

It took me a while to figure it out because none of the anti-spyware software I used detected it. I finally found a post by a guy on a malware forum who had posted a profile listing a log if his active processes. I compared it with mine and found that we had little ol' xtgoj6119471.exe in common. It wouldn't let me delete it, until after I disabled it from starting up automatically and rebooted. Then I was able to delete it, and the problem was solved.

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