Monday, December 1, 2008

Cincinnati Zoo Cuddles Up To Creationists

Via Pharyngula, it looks like the people running the Cincinnati Zoo have lost their damn minds:

This holiday season, save more by visiting two of the areas fantastic attractions. Cincinnati Zoo and the Creation Museum. Ticket is valid for one day regular admission to each attraction plus the holiday events PNC Festival of Lights (Nov. 28-Jan.4) and Bethlehems Blessings featuring a live Nativity scene(Dec 12 Jan. 4)

Save more with our new Combination Attraction Ticket:
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and Creation Museum The Creation Museum, located seven miles west of the Cincinnati Airport, presents a walk through history. Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life.

As PZ Meyers points out, it might be a good idea to shoot off an email to the zoo to remind them that they're crapping all over their mandate.

I wonder if the same ticket agency will bundle together a trip to the Holocaust Museum and an Iranian-sponsored holocaust denial conference?


Jeffrey Mark said...

Crap. I live in the Cincinnati area, and my wife and I always get an annual pass to the Cincinnati Zoo. We take our little boy there many times throughout the summer. It's bad enough having to see the signs for the Creation Museum all over this place, but now this.

Maybe I should send them a copy of my book (Christian No More) along with a letter explaining why I won't be renewing my membership...

Jeff Mark

Jeffrey Mark said...

Update! According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the zoo was inundated with angry letters and they canceled the deal. Reason prevails!

Derek James said...

Yeah, I saw that. Score one for the home team. Although unfortunately the Creationist Museum got some increased publicity in the process, and I'm sure they'll spin it as yet another attack on their religion from the godless liberals. But it's still a small victory.