Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back From Voting

I voted at the Louisiana Technical College. I got in line at 9:45 and stepped into the booth at 10:45. One elderly man came in, checked which line he was supposed to be in, and then left saying the wait was too long. I wonder how many people nationwide leave polling stations because they don't want to wait.

The ballot was electronic. There was a huge board which you touched the space next to the option you wanted, and it lit up with a green X. It wasn't a computer touchscreen...more like a giant touchpad which recorded your choices.

I really wish there was a party that didn't necessarily bundle social liberalism and a respect for science with big government and Marxist ideology. But oh well. I voted straight Democrat this time. I'll be interested to see how tonight, and the next four years, turn out.


Rob said...

I don't understand why all states haven't adopted early voting. These long lines on election day probably discouraged some and, if the goal is increased participation in the process, then anything to facilitate casting a vote should be considered.

Fortunately I live in a state that has early voting. I actually voted a couple of weeks ago. However I made three trips to the polls today taking residents of my nursing home to vote. The youngest that went was 75 and the oldest 90. All of them very informed and sure of who they wanted to vote for. These are people that vote every election and I was going to make sure they got their opportunity this time as well. We didn't have long lines in our small community but my guess is that they would have waited, regardless. I am always impressed by this level of commitment and hope that we will see this in the young people that were inspired by Obama. It is the commitment to something bigger than yourself that will keep this nation strong.

Emily said...

Well, NY doesn't have early voting, but I live in a tiny town(they knew whose wife I was when I checked in), so I had no wait at all. Ours was a lever system, which I'd never used before, but it was straightforward and easy and there were clear instructions everywhere. Apparently, NY has never had any issues or contention with their lever system, but are still being forced to change to electronic voting by 2010. Seems kinda silly to me if what they have works.

I heard some college students waited 11 hours in line. I can't imagine. It would be interesting to see how many people leave based on the wait. I did have one friend who wasn't on the list and they offered her a provisional ballot and she got on the voter hotline until she got what she needed to vote.

Derek James said...

I actually found out that Louisiana does have early voting, but I didn't take advantage of it this year. Maybe I should have. However, talking with others, it sounds like their longest wait was 5 minutes. I just happen to live in a relatively crowded area, I guess.

Brain said...

"I really wish there was a party that didn't necessarily bundle social liberalism and a respect for science with big government and Marxist ideology"

Dude. That would be Libertarian. Bob Barr sucked as a candidate, but the party is the way to go.