Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Am a Nielsen Family

I got randomly chosen to be a Nielsen family, which means the Nielsen TV Ratings people mailed me a diary to keep track of my viewing habits. Filling out the diary should be fairly simple, since I don't actually watch any TV on my television. I use it for watching DVDs. What little TV I do watch is on my computer.

They also mailed me five shiny new dollar bills. It was like getting a birthday card from my grandpa. These people need to get with the times.


Rob said...

We did that years ago. Got the same crappy five dollars! I would never do it again.

Anonymous said...

Nielsen facts:

Go ahead and fill out the diary. Fill it up with all the shows you watch.........NIELSEN DOES NOT CARE! With the $5, Nielsen's only interest in the very first part of the diary where you enter demographic info, age, sex, race, etc. The rest is to make you feel like you are contributing something. The set info from metered local markets is matched to your diary demos to create local market ratings.