Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Fails at Both Black and Geek Pop Culture

During two recent speeches, Barack Obama mixed up his pop culture references. In one speech he was talking about the economy, I think, and he said it was like "I'm coming, Weezie!"

Now, Fred Sanford used to say "I'm coming, Elizabeth!" and say he was having a heart attack on the show Sanford and Son:

While Weezie was the wife of George Jefferson on The Jeffersons:

Then just the other day in a separate speech he said that John McCain wasn't a maverick, he was a sidekick (Bush's). This is a pretty good line, but he kind of ruined it by going on to say that McCain was like Kato to Bush's Green Lantern.
Kato was the sidekick of the Green Hornet:

Whereas the Green Lantern was a dude who wore tights and had a magic ring:

So Obama is fluent in neither black nor geek pop culture. Maybe I'm having second thoughts about how I'm going to vote tomorrow...


1 comment:

Jill said...

Personally, I hold it in high regard that Obama doesn't know all these "cultural" references.

I'm so excited about voting for Obama tomorrow...Yes.We.Can!