Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Nation

I'm obviously happy that the candidate I voted for won the election (even if he lost my state).

However, unlike his hardcore supporters, I don't see an Obama Presidency as a panacea. Our economy is in the crapper. Our education and health systems could be a lot better. A lot of Muslims would be happy to see our nation enveloped in flames, and we still need to capture or kill the leader of al Qaeda. Russia is threatening a new Cold War. China is a burgeoning power that remains and possible threat. North Korea and Iran are still hell-bent on getting nuclear weaponry. And on and on...

I'm interested to see how Obama fares as President. I don't have massively high expectations. He's not in a position domestically to implement a lot of his programs because the money's not there, even if he went back on his promise and raised everybody's taxes. I'd just like him to project calm and resolve, to be Presidential, and not screw things up. That's all I really want out of my new President.


Jill said...

He probably had his "oh, sh*t" moment this morning when he received his first daily intelligence briefing, but I support him 100%. I've been on cloud nine since Tuesday night! Here in DC, I've seen more smiles and heard more laughter in the last 2 days, than in all my time here. It's nice.

Emily said...

I have to say it was strange to finally have the candidate I voted for win. But, I don't think he's a Messiah, and I think he has a huge set of challenges to face. I look forward to seeing how he faces them. I also hope not to see any more skinhead(or other) attempts on his life.

mark said...

He will either be a Bill Clinton type that manages to balance both sides of the issues and does a half way decent job. Or he will be a Jimmy Carter and bring about another Reagan Revolution.

We will see. Either way, this is a very bad time to be in charge of both houses of congress and the presidency.

Here is my prediction. In 2009 we will see two liberal Supreme Court justices resign to ensure those seats stay liberal.